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« on: May 13, 2019, 03:52:38 AM »
I've not long come up for air. Being a glutton for punishment, I gorged on my blog posts/ tirades (& their somewhat crazed responses) on another punting site. These were written quite some time ago, but the simple act of revisiting them has left me reliving them as though they were written yesterday. Talk about flashbacks!

Years later, my response to this furore can be condensed without vitriol or valour as such:

* I wrote about issues that were important to me at that particular juncture.
* Many ppl - both clients & casual readers alike - wrote to commend the execution of my ideas as both insightful & unique entertainment.
* All of my longterm clients (ie. +7yrs) were familiar with my opinions in my various blog incarnations. They had  chosen to support me in my endeavours, with many becoming valued & understanding friends as time rolled on.

The upshot never swayed - if you liked the service I provided, chances were high that you would return for more helpings. If you were interested in me as an entire *person*, what I expressed went a long way in helping people to understand me (& those like me).

If someone was swayed by trends rather than individual opinion, I truthfully wouldn't have WANTED to share my body or my time with that person. I honestly enjoyed what I did because I enjoyed the physical company of others. Courage, strength of conviction & appreciation of what flies left of field goes a long way towards building anticipation & mutual enjoyment. I never claimed to be a saint, a doormat or a beige carbon copy of anyone's ideal.

Over the years, I've been plagiarised & paraphrased by enough people to know that I'm not alone in valuing the unique. I've also been trapped with enough vapid, insipid paperdolls - male & female - to know that true mystique defies the surface.

Yes, it really is what's *inside* that counts.

So, you want a cardboard cutout of some perceived embodiment of femininity?

Then please... go elsewhere.

I danced  to the beat of a different drum. 10yrs later,  the fact that I was still sought after by a favoured few should say something. After awhile,  I took comfort in avoiding all the trappings of the escort existence.  I didn't advertise anywhere beyond my Twitter feed. I abandoned my website - too many lunatics & scary,  wannabe 'fans'. In the end,  I rarely posted on forums, or attended their parties. Yet, despite this self-imposed exile, I still had the currency to live my own dream.

Go me.

I am who I am, & those within my circle find this particularly refreshing. I don't sugarcoat unpleasant truths, I welcome *constructive* feedback, I try to look for new & inventive things to occupy my time, & I make a point of popping the bonnet to to seeing how other people's engines are running. The truth is always somewhere beneath the veneer. I came to appreciate this simple truth on the day I no longer had anything to hide from the world.

I am REAL - no lies, frills or mattress acting required. I rarely mentioned others in my field, beyond making informed recommendations. I genuinely had no interest in backstabbing, branchstacking or pushing any agenda barrows.

Frankly, I couldn't have cared less what has happened elsewhere in the Land of Oz. I stirred my own cauldron, & flew my own broomstick.

What you saw & heard from me is exactly what you got.

Not all could claim the same.

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