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Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« on: October 16, 2012, 11:03:58 pm »
Hello my beautiful men....
I am about to take you on a journey ...... Please join me as this is a first for me

My Master, The Dingo wanted to see me tonight.....
He has arrived and is waiting..... He has instructed me to log in and inform you all
That Tomorrow I must write a review on our time spent together........

I am not wearing my rubber this evening but I am wearing my very sexy blue leopard
Bra and panties..... I hope he approves as it was unexpected.......
I do however have my flogger with me....... !!!!!!!

I need to go as he is now staring at me.....  can I just say for some reason he has an
empty wine glass in his hand......????

Till tomorrow, wait for my review
x Olivia x

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2012, 12:48:24 am »
Olivia, beautiful, erotic and attentive :) The good folks of MHG await.

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2012, 09:37:59 pm »
Hi to you all....
Well, I'm relaxed and not rushed so its time to do as I'm told and write this review.....

As you know TheDingo instructed me to let you know I needed to post a review today, explaining all the details on what we got up too and how I was feeling.....
Please join me on this journey and see things from my eyes..... Looking out from within......!

It all started with a phone call late in the afternoon from a very regular friend.... TheDingo....
He wanted to see me for another encounter which is always lovely to hear.....
This time he wanted to see me as Sub Olivia...... TheDingo is a very cheeky and naughty man sometimes.....!

It was late, 10.30pm.... TheDingo arrives looking very sharp in his tan jeans.... They had a very soft feel to them.... Like moleskin I think.... He was wearing a black round neck T-shirt and his black short ankle boots..... His hair was neatly combed...... What surprised me was he was also carrying an empty wine glass.....?

I opened the door wearing my leopard print little dress, underneath I was wearing my blue leopard print matching Brazilian Style G and my bra..... My black heels
I told TheDingo that I didn't have my rubber lingerie with me..... He said that he didn't need to have me dressed in rubber for me do as I'm told.....!

I smiled and asked if he wanted to shower, but as always TheDingo never leaves home Un- showered
He was ready to play....
After his first instructions were followed..... my post last night..... I asked why the empty wine glass.....
TheDingo said that I had been very naughty and he was not letting me taste his cum straight away...
I had to earn that right.....!!!

You see TheDingo hadn't seen me for 14days as I was away in Adelaide.... He wasn't happy as his balls were full and needed attention..... The wine glass sat on the bedside table...!!!

As we lied down on the bed I heard a soft whisper in my ear asking me where have I been....
I replied I was away in Adelaide..... TheDingo then asked me what did I do there.....?
I was honest.... I told him I F**ked a lot of men there.....
TheDingo said he didn't like to hear that and asked if I deserved my arse slapped for being away so long..... I said yes, I always want to make TheDingo happy..... I told him I was sorry if I upset him...
TheDingo said if I made him unhappy he would stop seeing me...... I turned over on my tummy and said No please don't leave me..... Please spank my arse...... I will always be here to keep you satisfied

I felt 8 firm slaps on my arse from TheDingos hand...... It stung a little, it also gave me a tingle....
I felt a little excited..... I like the way he softly rubs my bottom between each slap.... I love the anticipation of waiting for the slap of the hand or the whip of the flogger..... it makes me feel wet...!
The Dingo then asks me to roll over and suck his cock.... I look at him with a smile on my face.

I love the taste of TheDingos hard cock in my mouth..... I know he is enjoying my warm mouth wrapped around his cock with the moans I hear..... He wants me to suck harder.... I do as I'm told and suck harder..... What I do like this time with TheDingo, he has waxed his balls and all around down there... It feels so soft..... I suck and lick his balls filling my mouth with all of him.....
I start to slowly lick and tease his arse with my wet tongue..... Oh I love this so much.... It always makes me feel so wet.... My pussy always starts to tingle with excitement..... I lick and tease his arse more and more then push my tongue deep inside..... I hear "oh F**k" ...... This makes me feel even more excited...... My mouth, tongue, doesn't know what it wants more..... TheDingos arse or cock.... I suck his cock, lick his arse and balls...... Oh god ....... I'm in heaven..... :) :) :)

I didn't have my restraints on me, TheDingo instructed me to not to touch only to watch.... He is above me.... He looks down and says I make him very happy.... I have been very good.....
he wants to reward me...... He slowly bites my neck..... Oh my..... He hears me moan with pleasure, he can see how much I want this...... I'm not allowed to touch.....
(I'm glad he didn't say I couldn't moan......) TheDingo rolls me over and pulls my hair back tight..... He bites the back of my neck,
He tells me to stick my arse up in the air..... He wants to know if I like my arse to be f**ked....
i said yes..... TheDingo said he didn't want to f**k my arse tonight as I didn't deserve all of him tonight..... He did however put his fingers in my arse..... He said f**k my fingers......

TheDingo loves how my arse is so tight..... He could feel every movement with each thrust I made...
The feeling of a finger or a cock in my arse makes me want to cum.....
TheDingo only allows me to cum when he says I'm allowed to......

TheDingo decides its time for me  to feel my flogger...... He flogs my arse with 10 good whips...
Doing this while I'm sucking his hard cock... Of my god I haven't been whipped while sucking cock at the same time...... It was so erotic .......... I did enjoy this experience very much.....

I roll over and TheDingo wants to taste my now very wet pussy..... He tells me I taste so sweet,
TheDingo kisses my soft lips..... He nibbles my neck as he works his way down my body......
TheDingo loves my hard sensitive nipples..... He loves to lick, tease and pull at my nipples.......
This is one of my sensual parts of my body....... I moan with pleasure...... Oh I'm so wet......
He wants me to taste so I know what I'm missing out on..... He inserts his fingers deep inside,
I f**k his finger feeling them deeper and deeper while his tongue is licking and teasing my clit......

TheDingo puts his fingers to my mouth.... I slowly lick each of the fingers and taste my juices....
Oh the sweetness is Devine...... With no hesitation he quickly takes his fingers away from my mouth and inserts them in my arse again.... I have TheDingo now f**king my arse with his fingers licking and teasing my pussy with his warm wet tongue...... I'm in another world of pleasure...... I can feel my body tense, I feel my moans get louder..... My hips are thrusting wanting more of both TheDingos fingers in my arse and his tongue licking my pussy.....

I want to cum...... I need to wait till I have permission....... I hear TheDingos voice softly asking me
"Do you want to explode right now...."
Oh yes...... I moan..... My heart is racing......  I moan and cry out GOD YES...... Please ....... I want to cum so you can taste me.....
I hear the words....... Let me taste you baby....... With a sudden release of tension my pussy fills TheDingos mouth with my sweet juices..... I feel the wetness between my legs...... Oh my......

TheDingos wants me to taste him...... He stands and puts his very hard cock in mouth..... I suck hard I hear him, his pleasure..... I feel him pull my hair..... Oh God.... I hear his voice...... Just before TheDingo cums he decides to pull out of my mouth and he comes all over my body......

I have never seen so much cum in my life...... I had cum from my neck all down my body.....
TheDingo rubbed his cum into my whole body...... My arms, body, legs..... It was all rubbed in....
Oh it felt so good..... After it was dry on my body, TheDingo said I was very good and he would give me a shower and wash me clean......

We always enjoy our time together..... Last night was amazing......
Thank You TheDingo.......

I hope you enjoyed my journey ...... This has been fun writing this review.....
It's taken awhile as I was instructed not to forget anything.....!!!

x Olivia x


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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2012, 11:21:44 pm »
My initial comment is that this is exactly as it happened. Sub Olivia has somewhat redeemed herself with me for leaving the state and not attending to me before she left :) :) :) :) She has however forgotten some key elements of last night. I will elaborate later!

Further to this she is now in more trouble though, i work for a big IT supply company, now all afternoon yesterday i was trying to work with a hardon that i was getting thinking about what i was going to get up to last night, the upshot is that i have probably misdirected half of yesterdays freight to wrong parts of Australia :D

Hope you guys liked it :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2012, 09:16:33 pm »
Ok, Sub Olivia is being difficult :), I asked her why she has left out a major part of the review and told her to go and add it, but she has responded that i have to do it and that she deliberately left it out.

Between the bit in the review where she was cumming on my mouth whilst she was fucking my finger with her arse and the bit where i covered her in my cum and rubbed her whole body with it she has deliberately left out the following .

After she orgasmed i put her on her all fours and positioned her at exactly cock height, i started fucking her pussy- im sure she wanted me to fuck her arse but she wont be getting that until she begs and earns it- I dont just fuck anybody's arse paid or otherwise. I carefully grabbed her beautiful hair and pulled her head right back till she was facing the ceiling, at that angle i could feel my cock rubbing the front wall of her pussy, Three or four good slaps on that arse so she knew who was boss and another little orgasm.

That friends is what happened. And that completes the review.

Ok now that was the review bit. Im a fan so its all pointless asking if i will be back etc etc- maybe once or twice more if she behaves ;) Value for money- shit yeah. Try getting a all holes sub that does CIM with some role play at one of the BDSM establishments for the price, it probably wont happen.

To prospective punters i can only say she is seductive, erotic, sexy. If your some hard cock master looking to mind fuck someone and cause discomfort or pain she is not for you. She offers herself as the erotic sub that can handle some kinky role play the odd slap on the arse, a good teasing with toys, plugs, cuffs, flogger and the like, she does love to fuck then she is for you.

Sub/Miss Olivia 10/10 again.

If Olivia agrees, we might post some more on the "Adventures of Master Dingo and Sub O" !!

Cheers folks, good punting and thanks for reading.

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2012, 02:21:53 pm »
Superb review(s), I could see it happening in front of me.  Gotta take a shower now.

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #6 on: October 22, 2012, 10:11:32 pm »
The reviews on MHG are all written by the fuckers rather than the fuckees. Making Sub O write the review was some clever kink.
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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2012, 07:42:07 am »
Great twist to the world of reviewing. Thanks for the idea. Olivia is a gem who I have booked to see again very soon.
From your idea I have asked her to write a pre booking review of what she intends to do with me once I am in her apartment. I can then review post booking and compare notes.
Knowing what might happen in advance will be very very exciting.
Hope it happens. Say tuned.

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #8 on: November 02, 2012, 02:38:44 pm »
Hello TED62
Well well..... This will be a challenge..... Doing a review before it even happens...  ???
It's not so bad as I know you already..... I have that to thank the sex gods for.... Lol

Let me think about this..... I'm in Perth and have a busy schedule ahead of me this week
I'll write down my thoughts and hopefully post a review before I get back to Sydney..... 

Wish me luck ......  :)

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #9 on: November 02, 2012, 09:54:23 pm »
Thank you for the kind me the pleasure is all mine to have met you and enjoyed your company.
Our next meeting together will be one of sexual exploration.
I can't wait.
If your Pre Reviw happens it will be a pleasure to read and then to enact your story as your leading man.

Ted x

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #10 on: November 13, 2012, 07:41:33 am »
The End :-X

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #11 on: November 23, 2012, 11:36:56 pm »
Hi Folks,

Had the pleasure of another visit with the lovely Sub Olivia on Wednesday night so i can continue with the ongoing adventures :)

I have been seeing Olivia regularly this year and for me the sex gets better all the time, so i keep returning!!!!! I will bypass all the descriptions of her as i have  said it all before.

So on Wednesday i sms her for the usual booking procedure etc, all settled and i request her to have, Skimpy Lingerie and boots, a butt plug and her flogger, also i wanted her to wear a dressing gown so that i couldn't see her sexy body or what she had on underneath.

I turn up at the appointed hour and yes all my requests were met ;) What she did not know was that i had with me in a bag a 50 foot length of lovely soft but strong white rope . So we settle down to the usual kissing DFK, light hair pulling, biting etc etc. All this continues while i slowly remove her sexy lingerie piece  by piece, At this point i put the pink butt plug in her pussy and continue with all the foreplay, this time all i was going to be eating was her lovely clit.

So then i ask her to stand, and proceed to tell her i want to tie her up with the rope :) :) :) :) This was a first for her so i think she was a little excited! Personally i was very excited. There is nothing like a beautiful woman surrendering to you. I proceeded to slowly create a Japanese type body harness, I suppose i might be a bit strange but it felt so sexy. I deliberately placed a large knot over the butt plug that was still in her pussy so that every move of the rope vibrated through her.

With that all done i made here parade around a little and show off her lovely form, She liked it so much she asked me to take some pictures of her using her phone.

By this stage what can i say- all i want to do is fuck her :D :D Now problem is the deliberately placed butt plug isnt coming out so i tell Miss Olivia i have to fuck her arse, to which i get a very satisfying YES PLEASE. This was a first for me as i  had never done the Anal sex thing with her and actually i prefer Anal to be a heat of the moment thing, needless to say her arse was divine! . Its awesome when you have a woman tied up and you use the rope as handles whilst having sex. Anyway what followed was a very satisfying session which ended up with ropes removed, plug removed and Olivia riding me to give herself an orgasm.

Finished off with me standing over her and covering her with my cum, and i mean covering her, after an hour of sex i generally cum alot, it was lovely to massage it all into her and make her skin all smooth, all finished into the shower to wash her all off and off to face the real world again!!!

Not much more to say, i have forgotten where various small details took place eg smacks on the arse etc, but once again a brilliant time. And being the good girl Sub O is she will probably share the pictures in her rope harness.

More to follow in my adventures with Miss Olivia i have some other stuff up my sleeve ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;).


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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #12 on: November 25, 2012, 04:21:04 pm »
Sensational Dingo. Great review. Olivia is full of surprises and one being how much she likes anal sex. I actually think she likes it more than regular sex pin my opinion. You were lucky she let you unload on her body as I find she just loves a mouth full of man juice.
She is certainly a wonderful lady. And OMG her body is so so hot.

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #13 on: November 26, 2012, 09:51:38 am »
This is the 1st time I read through this...

To Dingo:  well done.  Olivia is a soft flower that is sensitive and caring, but has a wanderlust for being a naughty submissive slut.
You have brought out the best in her.

To Olivia:  You have been such a dirty little girl, I am very proud of you!!!

To anyone who hasn't visited her:  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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Re: Sub Olivia - Master Dingo's Instructions
« Reply #14 on: November 26, 2012, 02:05:09 pm »
Hello Profan
You have been MIA ....... I need to taste you again......!!!!!
Yes all of you....... x

I have a few pic of me tied up in TheDingo's handy rope work....
OMG very sexy indeed...... I'm looking forward to trying out his other styles
Let me know your thoughts

Be good or come and be naughty with me  :)
x Olivia x

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