Author Topic: IT'S OK... YOU'RE NOT GAY!  (Read 1509 times)

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« on: March 15, 2012, 10:38:50 PM »
I do a double (& have been having some sort of 'thing' behind-the-scenes) with the most physically gorgeous blonde 22yo guy. He's wonderfully affable in that puppy way, but he & I have just had a very long conversation about his boundaries. Anything remotely 'gay' has been shot down in flames... Yet he is one of the most sensual, erotic lovers you could ever encounter.

It's all deja vu for me, as I've worked with other young guys who were terrified of being slapped with the fag stick. This is why young wogboys go brothel-hopping in packs. In a crude generalization to illustrate a point, young guys are renowned for being emotionally immature, & searching for identity. I personally believe that gangbangs mimic ceremonial, tribal-like behavior - hence, their enduring attraction throughout the ages.

When young guys are fucking in packs, they're shielded by the similar actions of the group. This deems their presence as 'ok' (& not gay), & can be seen as a bonding behavior used to reinforce their (still) relatively-new 'adult' status. Nothing says, " I am MAN!" quite like showing your mates how you can use your pisstrough legendary cock (:P) in real life. It can all be neatly summed up in a famous quote spouted by a friend of mine:

"If Gino did it, then so can I!".

Please don't interpret this little ramble as a writing young guys as lovers. I'm both happy & defiant when I say that in my private life... they make the world go round.  :-*
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