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« on: February 12, 2012, 11:20:01 AM »
I was recently asked that favorite old chestnut, "What makes a good worker?"

Well, after some rumination over a Corona (ole!), I've deduced that a good sex worker is someone who enjoys meeting new people, varied sexual experiences & workplace flexibility. A GREAT sex worker is an expert in the art of giving him/heself to every client. They are adept at becoming the the ultimate chameleon, a receptor for every client's dreams, fantasies, desires, fears & insecurities.

There are two things that have the potential to kill off many potentially-awesome sex workers. It's one thing to be a talented at the mechanics of sex work. However, true intimacy is more complex than that. True intimacy is more than physiology & sharing 'personal space'. It's about giving & recieiving in a way that makes all concerned feel that they have connected with another human being.

Also, the ability to handle the social impacts of this job is what separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to longevity. From a psychological perspective, I consider it akin to compartmentalisation - my work is but one element of the entity that is MOI.

However, it's an uphill batlle trying to change the opinions of other, less enlightened individuals. A girl I once worked with was a true natural at this job. She was very young, but gorgeous & unassuming (a rare combination). Sugary sweet, a fiery femme fatale, & a sympathetic ear... the girl had all these qualities in spades.

Alas, she came from well-to-do background & eventually gave up the biz when her cover was blown. Why? Because apparently being a prostitute is not a desirable profession. Another loss for our industry, based on age-old prejudice & a society's inherent fear of sexuality.

Perhaps if more people gave this industry the respect it deserves, a more consistent quality would prevail. Charlatans would feel less free to ride roughshod across our landscape, knowing they could be made accountable for their crappy service & attitude. There ARE quality ladies out there - I would like to think of myself as one, & I can name several with complete confidence.

However, this is the most unregulated regulated industry I have ever worked in. How do you engage a benchmark standard of practice in a realm dictated by fantasy?

What is one man's elixir is another man's poison. This is why one lady may captivate one client, yet alienate another. We all desire different things in a person. That's what makes us so indulgently unique. It allows ladies of every shape, colour, creed & persuasion to set up shop, knowing that there will be somebody for their own little niche.

It's a tough gig, but somebody's gotta do it. Some do it better than others - like most things, really.
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« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2012, 11:28:59 AM »

What is one man's elixir is another man's poison. 

Indeed, Roxy, and it applies to Corona. How can you drink that anaemic toilet water? I've been to Mexico a couple of times. Victoria and Tecate, from memory, were the local beverages I found myself returning to. I've had the experience in Mexico many a time where, in response to me even looking at a Corona label, the publican has said, "No, that's no good, try...."

Bucanero, a Cuban beer, is also pretty good.

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« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2012, 11:53:29 AM »
Indeed, Roxy, and it applies to Corona. How can you drink that anaemic toilet water? I've been to Mexico a couple of times....

Skite.  ;)

I spent one of my wildflower years gainfully employed as an aupair (which I'm sure is French for 'white slave ~ another story for another day!  :P)  My hosts were a wealthy, divorcing family from Kennedy Country, USA. I remember hoping against hope that the marriage would stay glued together until summer... or at least until the family had ticked off the annual Cancun getaway.

Alas, they didn't make it.  :'(
 I'm still keen to experience the joys of going back over the U.S borderr. I've heard firsthand accounts, ranging from the terrifying to the hilarious.
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« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2012, 02:59:49 PM »
Iíve never had the pleasure of Roxy -  we email sparred once, I said something offensive or which offended her and that was that. But I have always admired her insightful, incisive and honest writing, and with this last post (A Born Whore) Iíve been moved to respond.

Iíve been seeing WLs for many, many years, through two marriages,  a couple of  long term relationships and I now think I know what I want from these encounters.

Firstly, not a GFE Ė Iíve had girlfriends and they provide something entirely different. No, what I want is closer to what is described as a PSE, although that has the disadvantage of suggesting a theatrical performance: and Iíve had a few of those.

What Iím not looking for is what Roxy calls Ďtrue intimacy.í I donít believe that can come out of a commercial transaction unless that commercial transaction moves on to another level.

But there is something I want besides sex. I want what I can only call an Ďauthentic experienceí as woozy as that sounds. Let me explain.

A WL is working when she sees me. She can treat me like just another piece of meat (as can I her) or she can attempt to engage with me on personal but not intimate level.

It must be difficult, and it canít happen every time. Seeing men (or women) day in day out youíre going to have to run into some awful shits. But if there is a connection there, that is the beginning.

Authentic experience is a term that comes from the hospitality industry, when a waiter engages with you rather than just Ďhi my nameís Brad Iíll be your waiter todayí. The waiter is not your friend, but is there to give you what you want while youíre in his or her care. And that engagement, if itís sincere, and there is a real person behind the smile, can add immensely to your overall  enjoyment. And earn big tips.

I can best explain by relating the circumstances of my current regular. 

I donít want to see young girls, I want experienced women who are happy in their jobs. And this woman I see now appears to be just that. We have established a curious bond, whereby we can exchange information, talk about ideas and events, laugh at the state of the world but  there is not a shred of that intimacy Iíve experienced with other women. I donít miss it, and I donít expect it.

At some  point during our meetings, the talking stops and the sex begins. And she is terrific at what she does. I donít for a moment kid myself by thinking this is because of me Ė this is what she does, this is her profession. But we do get on, and that probably makes it more of a pleasurable experience for us both.

Nor do I kid myself that I can give her giant orgasms Ė although I do think she has enjoyed our sex on a couple of occasions. But her enjoyment is not part of the equation: I am paying, she is giving. That doesnít mean I exploit her or hurt her or treat her badly. But she is there for my pleasure. I donít fix my dentistís teeth, he fixes mine.

Youíre right, Roxy, it is about more than the mechanics Ė technique and performance Ė there is something else and I think itís that little spark between two people which basically says, I like you, this is not a hardship.

And thatís why, boringly, I tend to stick with one WL until that spark goes. Iím not into variety, Iím not into young flesh, I just want a sexual experience outside of whatever other relationship Iím having.

Why? Excitement, ease (a WL is never going to say no), and  a  little diversity.

But thatís just me.

I do agree with Roxy on one other thing. The industry and the people who work in it should be given more respect. I wish I didnít have to keep that side of my life a secret and that WLs on their side had to hide or dissemble about what they do.

Thanks for your essays Roxy.

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« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2012, 04:01:05 PM »
Hodido you are so right as is the wonderful word smithing of Roxy.


Respect each other, even like each other and the rest will be much more pleasant.
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« Reply #5 on: February 12, 2012, 05:10:08 PM »
Corona is to Mexico as Fosters is to Australia... but I *do* drink Corona occasionally... not a bad drink.