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Title: Sakura 57.
Post by: silverbird1948 on January 20, 2013, 05:31:21 PM
Went to visit Sakura 57 (first time - on recommendation of a friend). It was a wet Sunday night. A long wait in the waiting room, only 3 girls on apparently then a Japanese girl called Shimi was brought in, but ran away on seeing me (!) Strange, but I like the look of her and told the guy there she shouldn't be scared, and that I wasn't into any kinky stuff. He told she was relatively new and may have been scared of sex with a caucasian guy. Anyway he persuaded her to return, and we went on upstairs. Place was nice and quiet and very private. Shimi was very cute, charming, slim body, and spoke quite good English. She gave me an amazing BJ, lots of tongue. I also went down on her and she felt and tasted great. All very clean and nice - but she only wanted to do 30 mins. There was no penetration, but she said maybe next time. It was good, and I think I'll go back. I am male in my 60's, but quite young looking, living in Central West Sydney.