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Roxanne Wilde - Dec 2011. WOW!
« on: January 22, 2012, 07:18:38 PM »
My first post in ages, after a break from punting for a while...

I very recently arranged to see Foxy Roxy one afternoon in late December.  I was desperately in need of good company and I was impressed by the positive feedback of her service that I had seen on-line. I found she was easy to contact -  a few text messages, and the time and place was set.  A short delay was encountered due to hotel housekeeping, but that was easily accommodated, and Roxy gave as much notice beforehand as she could.

I was greeted at the door by a tall, striking girl who immediately kissed me passionately after giving a lovely smile. Great kisser, and I knew at that moment that this was going to be money well spent.

A shower was offered and taken, with a twist. Roxy joined me, and during the time proceeded to give the best deep throat BJ I have ever had the pleasure to receive, all the way to the hilt. Fortunately for me, far more of this was to occur during the session  :)

I was happy to go with the flow,  and after some time in the shower kissing, receiving and giving some oral, we moved to the bed. Lots of kissing, licking, stroking and sex followed. It truly felt like I was seeing a girlfriend, such was the level of passion and intimacy that Roxy put into the time. We had sex in all the usual positions, with a few others thrown in. At one stage I got a bit carried away and pounded her quite firmly in doggy position, and although I suspect that this isn't her preferred pace, she didn't utter a sound of complaint, and was into everything that we did. Early in the session we were entwined in a steamy 69, and she brought me to completion with her mouth and swallowed every drop hungrily while I licked her lovely pussy and had a finger inside her arse, gently penetrating her rear, which she seemed to like. She also gave and received rimming, all the while giving every indication that she was loving our time together.

We had several rounds, and in between we laid together, kissing and chatting. This angel is a great conversationalist, and I felt completely at ease with her every moment. After a while the passion would reach an unbearable level and we would lock together in another steamy embrace, rolling and bucking as we fucked and licked and fingered. From the number of times that she came while we were having sex, and how wet she was, I know that she was having a good time as well. While I don't think she is a squirter, she certainly gets very wet when having fun. I was happy to notice how much of her sweet juice had dripped on to me whenever she rode me, it was another sign that I was giving as well as receiving pleasure...

Roxy was the best GFE I have ever experienced – and that includes real-life girlfriends as well as working girls. She was attuned to my needs and desires, without me verbalising. I believe that we connected quickly on a physical level -  the sex was outstanding. She is an artist, and seems to give her all to pleasuring her clients, and enjoying herself along the way. She did not watch the clock, and the session went over time, which also made it great value.
Guys, this girl is a real gem – treat her respectfully and you will be rewarded in spades. Will I return to see her? Most certainly. I think she would even be worth a special trip to Canberra for an extended booking, such is the level of service that she offers. Roxy does not have perfect model looks, but she is certainly very attractive, with a face that is striking at times, and gorgeous at others, depending on light, angle and mood. Her body is curvy without being fat ,she is around size 12, but so tall that she is just plain sexy.  Her curvy bum felt sooo good pushing back against me, and her large breasts were a attracting plenty of my attention as well, they are topped by lovely responsive perky nipples. My only complaint is that I didn't get to see enough of her eyes!

I am not into either stick figures, or BBW’s, and Foxy Roxy has a great body in my opinion.  Even more importantly, she is intelligent, compassionate, gentle, intellectual, stimulating, has interesting views,  and committed to giving the best service that she can. At $350/hour, she is more expensive than many girls that I have seen in the past,  but if you are looking for a real GFE with BBBJ, CIM, DFK, anal and real passion, as well as intelligent and bright conversation,  then she is worth every cent, plus a tip. Thank you Roxy :)
I enjoyed the time with this sexy energetic girl so much that I ended up making another booking with her the very next day, while I had the chance. She deserves a reputation as one of the most enjoyable sexy experiences in the country. I can't recommend her more highly for a thoughtful punter looking for more than just a bit of outstanding sex!

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Re: Roxanne Wilde - Dec 2011. WOW!
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2015, 08:28:44 PM »
Officially retired....she's been holidaying on the Gold Coast recently...